Welcome to Millstream Industrial Park

"Meeting Industry Needs in the New Millennium"

The Industrial Park was formed in 1988 with the acquisition of the existing property from Glen Raymond, a local entrepreneur in the auto wrecking business. The purchasing entity was formed from a group of companies representing various components of the civil excavation and general contracting industry. Participating companies included those in the asphalt supply, excavation, aggregate crushing and drilling and blasting business. The owners’ intent was to leverage the synergies inherent in the Millstream Industrial Park group of companies to advance the successful reclamation and development of the park over time.

At the time of purchase, a majority of the land was being utilized for the inventory of wrecked vehicles used for car parts. Much of the land was undeveloped with some portions compromised by a previous history of oil recycling, tire storage and the occasional dumping of unspecified types of material.

The group set out to remediate the site through a coordinated and long term effort employing a variety of methods including recycling, closed cell remediation, land leveling and other environmental controls. Those continuing efforts have to date enabled the group to level and remediate approximately 75% of the 69 acre parcel. Additionally, a 200mm municipal water service has been recently completed along the western portion of the property. This servicing is an integral part of the groups’ ongoing strategy to provide rental space for growing companies who require areas for equipment storage and associated temporary structures.

The ultimate aim of the group is to fully develop the site through continuing aggregate sales under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Energy & Mines. Once leveled, it is expected that the park will utilize the completed areas to become a solely purposed Industrial Park primarily composed of rented or leased property. Progress in providing upgraded services, fire protection and emergency preparedness on the site is ongoing and is expected to continue well into the future.